Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues (Small Stone)

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Many of you are aware of my growing interest in stoner rock/metal music. I have explored many new bands during the last couple of years and those that fall into the aforementioned category quickly become some of my favorites. Part of my newfound love for groovy psychedelic rock comes from bands like Black Elephant, whom I only discovered the day before I sat down to write this review. I was immediately entranced by their ballsy sound and totally excited to hear the elements Black Elephant used that I had never heard in other stoner bands. While they don’t go way off the beaten path musically, this band does have a flavor that is distinctly different from their peers. You’ll still get all of the heavy groove riffs, the pounding drums, the bluesy vocals…but you’ll also get a few things you never expected. Maybe this is because they’re from Italy, maybe it’s due to something else. It doesn’t matter because it works; seven songs (thirty four minutes) after I started listening to Cosmic Blues I came away changed, for the better. Jim Dodge

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