The Road To Hammerfest… White Widdow

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Australian rockers White Widdow are about to grace the UK shores once again with their stunning brand of arena rock; this time as part of the mighty ‘Hammerfest AOR United’ taking place in it’s regular haunt Pwllheli, North Wales. With his strong love of hair metal and 80s rock it was only fair that Mark Freebase got the lowdown from one of the highlights to be of the weekend. Guitarist Enzo Almanzi filled in the blanks…

Things are starting to hot up for \’Hammerfest AOR Untited\’ 2015 over here, and White Widdow also has four dates before that (for those unluckily not able to get tickets), so how does that feel? 
Well Mark…. It\’s a real honour to be invited to such an event and perform alongside some of our favourite bands and hard rock heroes from our youth. To say we\’re overwhelmed would be understating it in a big way! 
Have you heard anything about this festival from friends in bands or on the internet?        
We know it pretty well actually. We were meant to play at HRH AOR last year but due to personal issues the band was faced with at the time (the loss of our drummer and dear friend George Kristy and the departure of original bass player Trent), we weren’t able to make it. We\’ve heard a lot about the festival from then on.
For those people who may not know White Widdow already, what can they expect from the band live, and how would you describe your sound? 
White Widdow\’s sound can best be described as melodic rock with hard edged guitars, big choruses and guitar solos; all with a big keyboard sound both supporting and in the forefront. So, expect just that, and a bunch of enthusiastic Aussies just a little bit excited to be there! 


So tell us about your ethics… Are you serious guys with serious song content and issues, or are you party hearty? 
We take the music, songs and scene quite seriously to be honest. In today\’s musical climate, I think you have too unless you want to be Steel Panther. We\’ve all been in bands in the past and done the party thing so we don’t feel a need to tick that box again now, especially when we get so much from making and performing our music nowadays.
For those already in the know, how much from \’Crossfire\’ can we expect to hear in the set?
Whilst there is a focus on songs from “Crossfire” in our current set, it’s a balanced blend of those and also songs from our first two albums. It\’s a set that has developed over the course of the last 5 or so shows we\’ve played back home. I think it works very well at covering our catalogue. 
Who would you like to be sandwiched between on the bill? Is there any bands you associate yourselves with that are playing this year? 
HEAT are awesome and we love their music. We\’re good friends with the guys in Serpentine, and have toured with them in the past so being in the middle of those two bands would be great. We can’t wait to see them both! We are really ready, so see you there! 

‘Crossfire’ is available now on AOR Heaven

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