The Last Stand – This Is Real EP (Irish Voodoo Records)


Featuring members of Inhuman and Shutdown, hard charging NYHC powerhouse The Last Stand are everything that you hope they’d be and so much more.  Hitting like the bastard offspring of Sick of It All and Killing Time, these scene veterans have combined their collective roots, experience and knowhow, and have fashioned something incredible. This is gut punch, heart felt Hardcore that comes directly from the soul and every note, every break down, mosh part and sing-a-long (and once you start singing along with these guys, you’ll never want to stop) on this EP is played with passion, fury, energy and for every single kid who grew up in, ever spent any time in, is still a part of and still believes in the scene.  You want NYHC the way it used to be?  You want the kind of NYHC that infects, infest and fills every millimetre of your soul and being with joy? You got it…  Tim Cundle

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