The Jasons – Get Fucked (Self Release)

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If you haven’t already determined this by the name of their album, The Jasons are a sleazy rock and roll band. Their songs talk about murder, sex and masturbation. In an era where political correctness is the norm The Jasons say “fuck that” and blast out anthems that are guaranteed to piss off the old couple next door when it’s blaring as the sun comes up while the party’s still raging. I might have forgot to mention that I love Get Fucked! This band has encapsulated the sound of 70s and 80s punk rock and taken it to the “stick it to the man” extreme. None of their lyrics are family friendly, they’re destined to earn the scorn of every Right Winger, at least those who don’t already scorn them. Is this music rock and roll vandalism? Perhaps, and I can’t wait for The Jasons to play a show near (or in) my town. Jim Dodge

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