The Drowns – The Sound 7\” (Pirates Press)

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This quartet released their debut album in late 2018, and that was more than enough to attract the attention of Pirates Press and so here we have their first release flying under the skull and crossbones banner. In just two songs, the Drowns take you on a musical journey right across a blue-collar punk rock USA. Starting down in Gainesville, Florida, there is the care-free gruff approach of the likes of Hot Water Music or early Against Me! – late nights by the campfire with a battered guitar, good friends and more than a few cases of brews.

 Moving northwards they encapsulate the anthemic singalongs you\’d associate with the Boston sounds of Dropkick Murphys – note again the tendency for boozy singalongs but with more of a streetpunk flavour. Swinging back across the country, The Drowns\’ add their native West Coast sounds to the flavour of these two songs – gravelly vocals, fine-tuned melodies and a knack for banging out a belter of a chorus. A fine indication of great things to come. Tom Chapman

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