The Drowns – Hold Fast Demons Pic 12\” (Pirates Press Records)

Okay, normally when a band puts a new record out, it really ought to just stand and fall on the musical content alone right? Well in this case I\’m prepared to make an exception as the attention to detail here is verging on ludicrous! A clear vinyl, one-sided 12\” record that has been printed to give the effect of a picture disc – I just love how Pirates Press records rewrite the rules on a regular basis when it comes to creative productions! So where was I, oh yeah there is the music to contend with as well…

As previously noted, The Drowns are musical nomads and they certainly haven\’t brought their travels to a close. With these two tunes you hit the road from San Francisco right across to Gainesville… Starting with Hold Fast, the clean guitar sound provides a stark contrast to the gruff vocal delivery, much like the wonderful Sydney Ducks did almost ten years ago. Passion and pride all the way. Moving onto the second tune Demons and I\’m getting that some of that heartfelt flavour and southern heat from the Florida sound, this time around the guitars provide the drive and the vocals offer a fabulous yet fragile melody. I\’m quite glad I\’m listening to these tunes on the computer as it means that instead of getting up to put the needle back to the start of record I just need to hit repeat again… and again… and again. Tom Chapman

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