The Detained – Iron & Blood 7\” (Contra)

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I had the pleasure of playing a show on the same line-up as these dudes in Berlin last year on what was one of their first shows and I knew I was going to be a fan as soon as the first chords rang out. Starting off with a hardcore sound, The Detained put a big doc marten stomp across proceedings, tough and streetwise. Over the last 20 plus years bands like Sheer Terror, Discharge, 86 Mentality or Chaos UK have excelled in not giving a fuck and simply kicking out and making their voices heard and these Berlin boys are cut from the same cloth. But ignore any labels, the four tunes on here are hard and catchy despite the fact that vocalist Basti spits each word out with a mouthful of gravel. This proves it\’s not just poppy punk rock that gets the best tunes and choruses as The Detained understand how to put a decent song together. Four songs, seven inches, what more do you need? Tom Chapman


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