Holly Would Surrender – Kaleidoscope LP/ CD (White Russian/ Acuity)


The timing of this one couldn\’t be better. Now that the days are starting off much brighter, and we start to look forward to the sunnier months ahead, a feel-good album like \”Kaleidoscope\” is the perfect accompaniment. Pop-punk fans have been spoilt for choice recently with new albums from Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Mad Caddies and more, but these boys from Hamburg prove that it\’s not just the veterans that have the best tunes. HWS deliver some high energy catchy tunes, with enough hardcore in the mix – hard guitars, driving tunes and gang backing vocals when needed, but they are easily able to switch gears and balance that with a sugar sweet chorus. These guys are cut from the same cloth as the likes of New Found Glory, writing passionate singalong songs. Add to that the fun element of Blink 182 or Zebrahead, and HWS have hit upon a formula that is bound to get the whole venue bouncing along. Ladies and gentlemen, the Summer soundtrack is here. Tom Chapman


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