The Dahmers – In The Dead Of Night (Lovely)


Gather round all you ghouls, ghasts and creatures of the night and get ready to have your undead socks rocked off in cadaverously catchy, glorious garage fashion by the latest full length opus from The Dahmers: In The Dead Of Night.  Imagine, if you will, a cold, dark night in a long abandoned, Haunted Mansion in which the various members of The Sonics, The Mummies and The Hives gathered in order to attempt to pierce the veil and communicate with the other side. As they linked hands, their power focussed on maintaining the circle, The Dahmers emerged from the mist of the séance; and before their terrified audience could scream “Scooby-Doo, Where you?’, they unleashed their maddeningly addictive, horror obsessed, garage pop tunes from beyond the grave on the land of the living. That, my fellow freaks and geeks is how (or at least it is in my fevered imagination) this magnificent monster of a record came into being.  And it is horrifyingly good… Tim Cundle

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