The Copyrights – Alone In A Dome (Fat Wreck)

It\’s a great day when one of my favourite \”The\” bands releases a new record. I\’ll always associate The Copyrights with The Methadones – not just because they released a split record together, but for me they are up there with the best of the Illinois melodic punk bands. Given the rich history that State has, this is some accolade. Pop-punk is one of those things that can easily be written-off as something of a throwaway genre but let\’s face it – it is also responsible for many all-time classics. Just think of some amazing music created by The Dickies, All or Doughboys or more, you can\’t deny those are songs designed to last a lifetime.

Some bands sound like they are made for the beach and the Californian sun but The Copyrights are a band for all-seasons – Stuck In The Winter being strong evidence of that. There is something of an urban feel to their sound – Chucks pounding the tarmac and music blaring from the stereo. There is urgency and grime mixed in with the perfect melodic punk rock. They don\’t need to take forever to prove a point, in less than half an hour it\’s all said and done, and you\’re just left wanting more – reaching for that repeat button time and time again. Tom Chapman

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