The Slackers with Papa B/ Sic & Mad – Split 7\” (Pirates Press)

Whenever The Slackers offer something new, an additional ray of sunshine comes into your life. This track Love I Bring is no different, a laid-back reggae song with additional vocals from Paba B. One to chill out with this blasting on the headphones and a cup of strong coffee to help keep the rhythm pumping. Lovely. Flip the disc to revisit a blast from the past. Sic & Mad were/ are a mash-up of ska and punk but with everything and anything thrown into the mix.

Hearing this takes me back to a time when the underground New York scene was a hive of creativity with punk and ska bands such as The Infiltrators, The Krays, Stubborn All-Stars and Skinnerbox cranking out releases left, right and centre. Sic & Mad were in the midst of all that, and this song really captures that melting-pot sound. The connection is that most of the band members went onto become fully-fledged Slackers and so this release makes perfect sense. Tom Chapman

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