The Bunny The Bear – You Have to Die a Few Times (Tough Luck)

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The Bunny The Bear is the musical receptacle for Matthew “The Bunny” Tybor. Throughout the band’s career he has explored a varied mix of genres and broken down barriers by refusing to adhere to anybody’s expectations. From to pop to rock to metal, dance and many other influences he creates a musical tapestry so huge it defies classification. I have been a fan of TBTB since their 2012 release The Stomach For It and have loved them ever since. Now we have come to their seventh (or eighth if you include the reissue of their DIY first release) collection of songs, the EP entitled You Have to Die a Few Times. These five songs, Let Go, Tell The Truth, Pray, For You and All I Know lean farther to the pop side than any of TBTB’s previous albums or EPs yet still retain that spark that keeps me listening even though I am an unapologetic metalhead. Yes, this may be the band’s most radio-friendly selection of tunes but, even though Mr. Tybor believes I must hate him now, I am still a huge fan of this band. For those of you new to this band let me break it down for you. The Bear sings, beautifully, while The Bunny screams as if his heart’s being torn out (as it has been on occasion) and behind that is an eclectic yet coherent wall of music that challenges the imagination and entices the ear. If this EP is your first taste of The Bunny The Bear then expect many wonderful surprises as you work your way through their back catalog. I believe that these guys will be a break-out artist in the next year or two and if that doesn’t happen, well then shame on the music business. Jim Dodge

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