The Way of Tank Girl – Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin (Titan Comics)

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The original riot grrrl, Rebecca Buck aka Tank Girl is given the comic equivalent of a compilation album in the form of The Way Of Tank Girl. When Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin put their collective thinking caps on back in 1988, they created a British comic and cultural icon in Tank Girl. In a time when government and corruption were at an all-time high, Tank Girl’s fuck you attitude was just what the world needed.

The Way Of Tank Girl, showcases our favourite anarchist, punk heroine’s inner workings, musings and philosophy on life as well some of her best moments. Sort of a comic clip show if you will, one which essentially gets to the heart of what Tank Girl is all about. For the completist, there are also some rare and unseen comic panels and drawings and Alan Martin offers insight into his thoughts on Tank Girl’s place in today’s world-an interesting read in itself. The book is also a good insight into the evolution of Tank Girl and how she has changed, whilst at her core very much staying the same, throughout her history.

While The Way of Tank Girl is more of a gift book for a fan, than an actual readable comic it’s still a great insight into Rebecca’s world. Hewlett of course took his fantastic artwork and went on to create the globally renowned Gorillaz with Damon Albarn, but Tank Girl, at least in my eyes, remains his crowning achievement. Reading through this I couldn’t help but think that the world could do with a bit of her attitude now and she is possibly, given the current climate,  more relevant than ever in today’s climate. Fight the establishment, eat cheese sandwiches and have a cup of tea with your weird mutant partner. Perfect…Chris Andrews


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