The Avoiders – Worthless (Self)

There’s something life affirming and endearing about punk rock.  It has a raw, visceral power that speaks to you, warms your soul, makes you feel alive and that you’re not, and never will be, alone. Heck, that\’s probably why I’ve spent the last three decades immersed in the scene, because once you tasted its infectious energy and everything that goes hand in hand with it, you’ve got to have more. It\’s an addiction that you can’t, and don’t want, to shake and one of my go-to, current dealers of choice are The Avoiders. Effortlessly combing the frantic energy of UK82 bands like GBH and Discharge with the melodic sensibilities of The Damned, Avail and Pulley, these chaps have more punk rock chops than the Harley Flannagan School of Martial Arts and they plough every single ounce of who, and what, they are into Worthless. The Avoiders remind me why I fell in love with punk rock in the first place and why I’m still in love with it more than thirty years later. Love really is WorthlessTim Cundle

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