Desert Storm – Sentinels (APF Records)

Damn, I feel like I’ve just been run over by a juggernaut driven by Big Daddy, then dragged into the centre of a Wrestling ring in which Giant Haystacks then proceeded to drop ten elbows, one after another, on my, bruised, battered, twitching and deliriously happy, but completely broken, body. Desert Storm have flattened me with their heavyweight, riff lead, groove laden, seventies flavoured doom powered stoner metal. They’ve punished, crushed and pummelled me and ground my bones to make their weed flavoured bread, and I couldn’t be happier. Sentinels is the thesis that Desert Storm forged in order to graduate, at the top of their class, from the School of Crowbar with a double Doctorate in Sabbathology and Clutchineering. Prepare for obliteration by metal and get ready to face the Storm… Tim Cundle

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