Zeke – Hellbender (Relapse)

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Strap yourselves in boys and girls as the fastest and nastiest rock’n’roll band in this or any other town have returned to raise hell, drink your whiskey, steal your drugs, turn on, tune up, amplify and destroy. And that’s exactly what they do with their first record in over a decade, Hellbender. Hitting like a V-12 powered Motorhead with The Dwarves at the helm, the sixteen flip the bird at everyone and everything, fuck you anthems on Hellbender flash by in a combination of hyper-speed riffs, faster than the land speed record drums and snarled vocals. Better than snorting cocaine off Jody West’s breasts while mainlining Maker’s Mark Reserve and having your balls tickled by Traci Lords on the back seat of a chauffeur driven 1969 Pontiac GTO, Hellbender is everything that punk rock should be.  It’s fast, it’s loud and it’s all kinds of surly and mean. Praise be, Zeke are back… Tim Cundle

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