Terror – The Walls Will Fall (Pure Noise)


It’s time to lace up your converse, fire up the pit and get ready to start sparing for change and making pizza in an anti-clockwise direction, because Terror are back and they sound meaner, hungrier and angrier than ever.  The Walls Will Fall is a furious statement of intent built around five frenzied, rabid tracks of metallic, pulse pounding, endorphin charged, old school hardcore (including a light-the-fuse-and-stand-well-back-because-this-bad-boy-is-about-to-blast-off cover of Madball’s Step To You) that makes you want to give up walking and running  and just slam and two-step your way to wherever it is you’re going with a mile wide grin all over your face.  You know that phrase “keeping it real”? Yeah, that’s what The Walls Will Fall does. And then some.  Who wears the metallic Hardcore crown? Terror do… Tim Cundle

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