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My lifelong obsession with the underground, obscure and ordinarily inaccessible requires me to satiate my appetite from time to time.I am happy to introduce to you all, the most likely previously unknown to you, late 80\’s Boston Thrash Metal band, Temporary Inasanity! 

If you know what it means, you can imagine little long haired Craigory, \”attempting\” (read with italics) to Slamdance, with the big boys and some tough ladies, at age 16. 

Without bands like Temporary Insanity making me feel like I mattered, as a terminally fucked up kid; I would have been dead 30 years ago.

Their singer, Glen, is a huge man.  I would watch him in the pit while other bands played. It may seem trivial to those who have no idea what I am talking about, but one time, this weirdo got slammed around like a piece of overcooked spaghetti, because that is what happens when you play with the big boys

Did you know a person can both look scary and be extremely sweet, gentle and kind? It is true. 

This is why I care about the underground, obscure and ordinarily inaccessible because for me, it is not just the music; it is the way  the music makes me feel. 

I can write a first-person written story similar to this honoring 200 or 300 or maybe more,  metal, punk and hardcore bands, from around the world, going back to the late 80’s; and maybe some weirdo lover will contact me about that. My brain catalogs meaningful and necessary snapshots of time; I am an analog database. It is crazy; I know.

Temporary Insanity are one of this terminally fucked up kids heroes; and I want the world to know all about them. Craig Lewis

Find out more about Temporary Insanity here

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