Fast Eddy – Toofer One (Boulevard Trash / Spaghetty Town Records)

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Fast Eddy? Albeit with a different spelling, for a second I thought I’d stumbled upon a band paying homage to Mr. Clarke of Motörhead fame. Turns out that isn’t the case and Fast Eddy are named after their old drug dealer. Even better! Christ, the urge for a cheeky line is high, and I haven’t even pressed play on the tape deck. Looks like I’m gonna have to keep a close eye on this reckless Denver foursome.

Hitting off the three track Toofer One affair is Hurricane Alley with a lick The Only Ones would be proud of. Guitars pan left and right as a dusting of power pop comes straight down the middle at my intrigued ears. It’s clear from the get-go, we’ve got some good ol’ fashioned virtuous rock ‘n’ roll on our hands. It’s proper infectious stuff.

With a tambourine shimmy and a second half verse shuffle like the Faces swapping their whiskey for cocaine, Milwaukee rapidly follows as the meat in the Toofer One sandwich. The real gold lies in the chorus as it lifts the whole thing a treat and it’s all hood down on your battered convertible with a middle finger flicked at the nonbelievers. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a great mid breakdown that’s sure to get even the stiffest of gig attendee clapping along.

Lost is last out of the bag with a Chuck Berry fireball of a riff. Just as you’re strutting around your kitchen with a medallion brushing the hairs on your chest, Fast Eddy take a tamed 1950s slow dance approach in an unexpected diversion. In another twist, things go wild again as that riff hits. Simply awesome.

With the aforementioned drug dealer, you’d think Fast Eddy would be sloppier than Norman Stanley Fletcher’s prison slops. That it not the case, and the band are tight, tight, tight. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the arrangements across all three tracks are spellbinding. Ex Biter Tuk Smith took the seat at the mixing desk and it’s those little nuances in the production that really make this a stunning rock ‘n’ roll venture. Just as I think I have a favourite track, another one overtakes and gets carved in my lobes. I’m craving more and would welcome a long player ASAP. In the meantime, this triplet of rollicking rock ‘n’ roll tunes will do just fine. Ginge Knievil

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