Stryper – Fallen

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Stryper – Fallen CD (Frontiers)
Returning with what is easily their heaviest release to date, but without losing any of that trademark sound the band has bolstered over the years… I dare any metal fanatic to sneer just because of their beliefs. Michael Sweet is transcending the vocal delivery executing a sharp and poignant tone, aligning the impact ‘Fallen’ delivers to an incredibly strict recital – a sermon I’m sure any Lord will feel content with. The message is still there, and you can interpret topics how you wish; the blessing here is that Stryper do not sound like a washed-up 80s has-been… ‘Fallen’ is an album that will be compared with early classics. The Black Sabbath cover of ‘After Forever’ will surely leave the internet trolls with something to say, but all knowing true music fans will be suitably impressed with it’s powerful thrashy delivery. Going heavy is an incredibly smart move. Mark Freebase

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