Strung Out – Transmission. Alpha. Delta

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Strung Out – Transmission. Alpha. Delta LP/ CD (Fat Wreck)
Wow I thought that Strung Out were long gone, but here quite a few years down the line the Californian boys have launched this their latest transmission, and it\’s as if they were never away. There\’s no sign of a tired old band running through the motions, retreading old ground. No sir, this is bona fide hot new material from Strung Out, full of fire, power and melody. Right from the opening song \”Rats In The Walls\” this picks up seamlessly from where they left off with 2009\’s Agents Of The Underground album. Blistering guitar solos and tight as hell drumming form the backbone of this catchy anthem. Honestly after I heard this song I hit repeat a couple of times, thinking this must be the absolute highlight of the record. But as always they manage to keep up the level of energy for the duration. In fact there is so much going on that with repeated listens you will be able to pick up on new melodies, rhythm changes and dynamics that just keep on coming. Alternatively you could just kick back and let the tunes do the talking. It\’s been a few years since I\’ve heard a record like this which has really fired me in the same way as your favourite Ignite or AFI recordings might do, but Strung Out have really exceeded my expectations with this record. Welcome back! Tom Chapman

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