Stellar Corpses – Hellbound Heart (Demons Run Amok)

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When Bela Lugosi, while playing his defining role, famously said* “Listen to them, the children of the night, what music they make”, he was actually foretelling the future and prophesising the arrival of the Stellar Corpses.  Eight decades after Bela talked about them in hushed tones, this band of Californian psychobilly powered horror punks have finally risen from their sun soaked tombs and graves to make good on the vampiric seers promise.  The unholy bastard offspring of Tiger Army and the Misfits, Stellar Corpses combine the very best elements of their “parentage” to create an infectious punk psychobilly hybrid that’ll have you chanting “Whoa-whoa” along with them long into, and after, the witching hour.  Bela was right. Oh, what music they make…. Tim Cundle

*Yes, I know the lines are from Bram Stoker’s novel. But, when you say those words out loud, or think about them, whose voice do you hear in your head or emulate? Bram Stoker’s or Bela Lugosi’s? Exactly. It’s Bela’s.

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