Spine-Tingling Tales of the Accused A.D. #1 (Splatter Rock)

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While I’m not privy too, or familiar with, the brief for this strange and beguiling tome, I imagine that the stained parchment that it was sent to all corners of Accused AD fandom on bore a missive something along the lines of “Capture everything, and all, that the band is in pencil, pen and whatever other vile secretions, fluids and viscera brighten and darken your existence”. And not being the sort of folks who would ever let the Kings of Splatter down, the artistic types of Accused AD fandom got to work and followed their instructions to the letter.

The end product, Spine Tingling Tales of the Accused AD is a deliciously weird and delightfully enthralling combination of eye popping artwork, horrific tales of Lovecraftian punk rock shows, EC Comics influenced adventures into punk rock darkness, odes to the lurid and deliberately misleading adverts that used to fill comic books in the sixties and seventies and Accused AD lyrics reimagined as beguiling LSD fried and nightmare fuelled illustrations. Designed by, and meant to appeal solely to, fans of the Lords of Splatter Rock, Spine Tingling Tales will eat away at, and burrow its way into, your brain until you acquiesce and admit what the Accused AD already know. That your soul belongs to them…  Tim Cundle

Are you ready to dedicate your life to Splatter? To forsake all other bands and give yourself over, completely and totally to the Accused AD? You are? Good. Then order Spine Tingling Tales here

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