White Shadows – P.B. Kane (Things in the Well)

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P.B. Kane, aka Paul Kane, is a writer of dark fiction. He is well known for his Hooded Man series and also his work in the Hellraiser universe, Mr. Kane is a writer with boundless skill and creativity. The book I’m here to talk about today is his newest collection, White Shadows. While seven of the collection’s offerings have been previously published, the story from which the book takes its name makes its first appearance outside of Paul’s editor’s hard drive. Surprise twist, one of these tales has what may be considered a happy ending. The others are full of tension and are guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder.

 I know it’s a cliché to say that a book is impossible to put down before the end, this is exactly the truth in regards to the work of Paul Kane. I burned through this book like my life depended on it and had to consciously relax my body many times. White Shadows is written for a young adult audience but even at my advanced age I found it to be delightfully dark and twisted. You’ll never go wrong by buying a book from Mr. Kane whether you buy one under the name P.B. or Paul. Jim Dodge

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