Spider Kitten – Acidgoatweedwitchspacewizardwhore E.P (Self)

It’s always refreshing to hear a band that’s taken time outside of their normal schedule to just record something for the love of the music. To just have fun with what they do and not take things to seriously. Indeed there’s probably and argument to say that if every band that’s ever gotten too big for their boots and imploded, had done this, then they might still be around. But I digress. Any conversation that mentions heavy bands from Wales, has to include Spider Kitten.  In its various guises, the band has been producing some of the best stoner/doom/psych/prog rock the U.K has to offer and after recording the gargantuan opus that was The Ark of Octofelis in 2015, they found themselves (at least temporarily) without a bass player. In stepped ex Dead Existence, Dysteria, and current Grave Lines bassist Matt for a show, and it was during those rehearsals that the new E.P Acidgoatweedwitchspacewizardwhore was born.

Hitting like a Mudhoney  and Melvins jam session is first track Cause I Can’t, a grungy punk head banger, which while it is recognisable as a Spider Kitten track, it’s not something that we’ve heard from them in a number of years. Second track The Wizard’s Hat is much more familiar and falls in line with the sort of awesomeness we’ve come to expect from the guys. A huge slab of Burning Witch style doom, with a low end that’s so heavy in parts, it threatens to not register, while Chi Lameo’s soaring vocals adds something of an Acrimony vibe to the deal. The E.P ends as all records should with a raging down tuned rendition of G.G Allin’s Bite It You Scum proving once again that the Kitten do what they want, when they want.

This whole furious package is wrapped in artwork that is as loud and tripped out as the music and is worth the price of the E.P alone. Every Spider Kitten release is a homage to their passion for music and that seeps into their sound and even when they get together for a “not to be taken seriously fun E.P,” they still do it better than anybody else…. Chris Andrews

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