System of Slaves – S/T EP (Self Released)

Debut 4 track EP from a ‘new’ South Wales band featuring some familiar faces from Failed State and Social Experiment. First out of the gate is the scathing Obsession and if you’re a fan of Nausea then this is definitely for you. Vocalist Keda spits out the lyrics with such venom that it’s contender for the most intimidating song I’ve heard this year.

Musically it’s definitely in the Nausea camp with some elements of early Neurosis particularly on the bass side of things, some solid speedy beats from former Failed State skins-man David and Social Experiment’s Payney’s trademark metallic guitar crunch. Chaos and Order slows things down to a grinding chug but with no less vitriol while Break Off kicks in with a rumbling bass line, reminiscent of Doom at their best, before launching into a speedy Crust-leaning riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Nuclear Death Terror release.

Rounding things off is Renegade which demonstrates the bands more subtle side on the intro before blasting into another metallic Hardcore stomper with its awesome breakdown mid-section. An excellent debut and a band to watch out for on the live front when this COVID 19 crisis recedes enough for us all to go back to gigs – until then this will do nicely. Ian Pickens

Pick the EP up here

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