Spider Crew – Sounds of Hatred (WTF Records)

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Close your eyes while you’re spinning, and wind-milling and slamming to, Sounds of Hatred and it’s almost like you’re back in CBGB’s at the tail end of the eighties, because even though these guys are from Vienna, spiritually they’re from Queens and Brooklyn. They were just born on the wrong continent that’s all, and believe me, I can relate to that. Spider-Crew are, barring their location, for all intents and purposes, an NYHC band. They effortlessly blend Warzone, Agnostic Front, SOIA, Killing Time and NRSV in their straight ahead*, bullshit free, slam happy, gut punch hardcore that’s played from the heart. I swear every time I listen to this record I just want to sing-a-long and dance as hard as my aging HC kid body will let me before my knees give in and my back gives out.  This is Hardcore… Tim Cundle

*See what I did there? Yeah, you get it.


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