Spectres – Utopia (Deranged)

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This third album will see Canadian band Spectres further cementing their position on the desolate post-punk landscape. From lyrics to imagery to sound, this is a bleak, clinical sound and continues the traditions set by the likes of Tubeway Army, Ultravox and of course Joy Division, as Spectres offer a stark sound that feels devoid of human warmth. Despite the lush tones of the layered guitars, the beats and basslines offer a cold contrast, and whilst vocalist Brian Gustavson delivers the words in a high-pitched melody, it\’s not designed with a pop sound in mind. Within the narrow spectrum that Spectres operate in there is a variety of tempo and style, at times introducing more electronic elements such as in the futuristic \”Daniel\”, whereas on songs like \”Crosses & Wreathes\” it is the guitars that come to the fore and drive the sound. The overall effect that the repetitive nature of the songs make them strangely fascinating and it is easy to immerse yourself and get lost in Spectres\’ own vision of utopia. Tom Chapman


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