Sorcerer – Lamenting Of The Innocent (Metal Blade Records)

I wonder what the label doom actually means? If someone were to call Sorcerer power metal, or just old-fashioned melodic metal, that would sum this band up as easily as the aforementioned doom tag they’ve picked up. I guess the latter comes from the fact that Sorcerer share a few musical nods, and the same country of origin, as Candlemass, but also lean heavily on an eighties Dio-era Black Sabbath storytelling vibe, which makes them a slightly harder hitting band than the previously mentioned Candlemass. And, truth be told Anders Engberg is as metal as a metal vocalists can be. Loud, crystal clear and totally occupying the spotlight.

It’s the last sound that you’d expect a band who have only releasing records since 2010 to adopt and cling to, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that these guys have been around, including their alomst twenty year hiatus that took effect in 1992. Time seems to have passed Sorcerer by and as such, we’re gifted this amazing collection of songs that have been unaffected by the vices of the modern age. Let Sorcerer guide you on a journey filled with stories of witchcraft, unjust trials and the forests and majestic mountains that filled the lands of old… Martijn Welzen

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