Some Kind of Nightmare – We the Lepers (Self Release)

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San Diego’s punk power trio Some Kind of Nightmare is back with five blazing new tracks on the EP We the Lepers. Catchy choruses and bouncy riffs are the specialty of this band, meaning you will spend your day jamming to these songs even when the CD isn’t playing. Just glancing at the song titles on the insert has given me several ear worms, though, of course, I have already listened to this disc at least a dozen times. One of the best things about SKoN is how the dual vocalists effortlessly work off of each other making each part bigger and better. The fact that Chy and Molly are husband and wife probably helps the interplay. What I’m really trying to say with all of this is this: if you like punk rock from the old school and enjoy great tunes that will stick with you day after day you need to buy We the Lepers from Some Kind of Nightmare. Keep punk rock music alive! Jim Dodge

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