So Hideous – Laurestine (Prosthetic)

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If you have ever felt some form of depression you know it\’s all about hiding both physically and mentally, in a way you just cannot feel any more. It\’s not about making waves or grand gestures. Every fibre of your being hurts. Many bands that have embraced their inner turmoil, keeping things small too. So Hideous has found a way blending these smallest most personal movements with amazing, over­-the-­top epic explosions. It\’s no real surprise this band mentions Beethoven and Ennio Morricone as major influences. You can really hear the vastness of all things music, underneath the intense, blackened screams which almost tear your heart out of your chest. \’Laurestine\’ might sound like \’just\’ loud music, but the pain that went into this output of purest emotions could not have been an easy task. Never will this band compromise on their deepest feelings, and what makes them heroes in my book all day long, never will they hide behind a mask. They are proud to be human, and weaknesses are there to be shown, like battle scars. The toughest fights are being fought on the inside, and \’Laurestine\’ is a window to a dark and struggling soul Easily a contestant for record of the year! Martijn Welzen


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