Slope – Losin’ Grip (BDHW Records)

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Brothers and sisters, it’s time to get down with your bad selves, put your finest slamming shorts and shirts on, lace up you stage diving sneakers and hit the pit like there’s no tomorrow and even less time left today, because Slope are here to make you mosh your days away and sing your hearts out until the much heralded apocalypse arrives to burn us all to cinders and ashes.  With a sound that’s equal parts Leeway, Faith No More, Turnstile, Mordred and Underdog, these dudes bring the groove and more than a little funk to their hard as nails, as easy on the ear as a ’69 Dodge Charger is on the eye Hardcore. If Losin’ Grip doesn’t make you want to dance, sing and move, then you’re either too old or already dead, in which case, move along or stay under the soil because there’s nothing for you here. But the rest of you, you cats all need to get down with Slope…   Tim Cundle

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