Skurvi – Get \’Em In CD (STP)

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Although this Brighton band have been doing the rounds for a few years now , this is only their debut album, following up to their EP \”Pints Half Full\” from a year or two back. Taking into account the album title and cover, there is a bit of a booze theme going on here and if you still weren\’t sure then the song \”Drunken Nights\” confirms that the boys like the odd livener or ten. I can definitely imagine these tunes being the soundtrack to a messy punk rock party as they have all the ingredients right there – simple straightforward beats providing the background for these pounding tunes. Melodic guitars and singalong choruses, this is all designed to be enjoyed with a beer in one hand and the other hand punching in the air. Taking their cues from the likes of UK Subs or Peter & The Test Tube Babies, chucking some oi oi music into the mix, Skurvi aren\’t rewriting the songbook, but theirs is a catchy and enjoyable pint of punk. A powerful Pat Collier production puts some polish onto these tunes, but it sounds like it was recorded live as the songs abound with energy and the band works like a tight unit. Maybe this was all recorded before the bar opened?! Cheers and up the punks! Tom Chapman


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