Ends Meet – Nothing To Show 7″ (Coin Toss Records)

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Ends Meet

Nine songs on a seven inch. Massachusetts band Ends Meet turn the clocks back by a couple of decades and plant themselves into a grimy New York basement rehearsal room. Think of bands like Warzone or Breakdown, raw unpolished hardcore and with a the rough production that enhances the sound – this would sound plain wrong if it was too clean! At first I thought this would be a lot more “youth crew” sounding – fast tunes with the occasional mosh part, but this is by and large a mid-paced affair, Ends Meet prefer to pound you into the ground slowly. Weirdly although this is a style that I love, it took me a few listens for this one to click, but if you are a fan of those rough radio session style recordings from the likes of Breakdown, Outburst or Raw Deal, then you’ll dig what these dudes have got going on. Tom Chapman

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