Six Feet Under – Unburied (Metal Blade)

Including previously unreleased tracks from Undead, Unborn, and Torment recording sessions Unburied is yet another kick ass collection of death metal from Seattle, Washington (though originally from Tampa, Florida) based Six Feet Under. Fronted by ex-Cannibal Corpse (I guess this is unnecessary info for most of you since the split happened in 1995) vocalist Chris Barnes, this band has been blowing me away since Haunted was released in 1995. Throughout their career there have been many line-up changes but the band have consistently released great music. While 13 and Bringer of Blood have remained my favorite SFU albums, I have thoroughly enjoyed every release (of original material. Other than Number of the Priest I don’t care for the Graveyard Classics albums). What I find particularly great about Unburied is that you get a slice of SFU history since many of these songs were just demos for so long. This allows us a peek behind the curtain of the mighty Six Feet Under and I fucking love every song. I know there are a lot of parentheses in this review but footnotes in a review just seem tacky. The point of all this meandering prose is this: Unburied is fucking amazing and every metal fan should buy it now. Jim Dodge

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