Flood Peak – Plagued by Sufferers (Self)

Doom/Sludge band Flood Peak may be a new name to many metal fans, but this is one trio that should soon smash their way into your hearts and minds. Filled with a slow-burning aggression, these four songs hit you with an unrelenting blast of fury that is bound to sear itself into your music-loving brain. Noisy, beautifully constructed, and hypnotic, Precursor, Scourge, Mire, and Veiled by Summoners should to prove to be some of the best metal of 2018. For most bands four songs would constitute an EP but to a doom metal outfit the thirty two minute run time is closer to LP standards. That bit of info should be enough to let you know that Flood Peak has delivered a slab of sheer metal might that needs to be savored by one and all. Jim Dodge

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