AxTxOxTx – To Be the Man (Self)

If you haven’t heard of AxTxOxTx don’t fret, this band from South Wales is relatively unknown to most people. Hardcore/punk rock masters, they blast you from one end of their first (and last it would appear) album, To Be the Man to the other. Obsessed with Ric Flair, they even have a trilogy called Ric Flair Trilogy, the second part of which is my favorite track on the album.  Entitled Space Mountain (Ric Flair Trilogy Pt. 2) it has one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard.  “ Wooo! Space Mountain!” Don’t take this to mean any of the other songs are shitty. All ten tracks are fantastic bursts of pent up energy expelled by a group of middle-aged musicians who have grown older but haven’t grown up. While they will soon be playing their last show, they are bowing out on a high note, a trick many other bands should emulate. If you want to hear some great fucking rock and roll you need to get your hands on To Be the Man. AxTxOxT xwould also like to remind you that Han Shot First. Lest we forget…  Jim Dodge

 To find out more about AxTxOxTx and download To Be the Man (and their other records) for free, go here

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