Siberian Meat Grinder releases new music video ‘One United Family’

Siberian Meat Grinder – metal/hardcore powerhouse from Russian dark and snowy forests releases the new official music video One United Family for one of the songs from their latest album Join The Bear Cult

The video was filmed in 2023 when SMG took part in the notorious “Campaign For Musical Destruction”, sharing the stage with the titans of extreme music Napalm Death as well as with Dropdead and Escuela Grind and playing nearly 30 shows across Europe and UK. All the touring bands took part in the video, singing together the anthemic chorus – dedicated to the unity of metalheads, punx and hardcore kids around the planet.

The video also contains footage from the London show, band’s touring routine and SMG’s graffiti which band is painting everywhere it plays. And of course, the Bear Tsar – the band’s mascot, which appears in all of SMG music videos and live gigs, plays a significant role in the video. Where else can you see legendary Shane Embury of Napalm Death teaching the giant crowned Bear to play bass?! Or the Bear playing video games in the backstage together with Napalm Death’s guitar warrior John Cooke?

Musically One United Family is a classic SMG’s mix of genres, combining fast crossover thrash with hardcore-punk aggression, epic heavy metal melodies and hymn-like hooks.



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