Plizzken – Do you Really Wanna know? (Pirates Press Records)

Here we have the second album by German punk rockers Plizzken. Funnily enough, although we know Sebi Stomper 98 rocks the microphone here – and you can tell it’s him – it sounds absolutely nothing like S98. Plizzken serve up some super melodic punk rock, keeping the beat on the street but with a subtle nod here and there to some of the power-pop greats. Without sounding like a copy of either, think of Vanilla Muffins or Perkele.

Rousing anthems, backing harmonies and heartfelt moments that keep the songs soaring. I feel that they have developed their songwriting and confidence – this is a coherent, powerful piece of work, with some hidden surprises. Check out I Don’t Wanna, which is a shameless tribute to early 80s new wave, complete with a bouncing bass line and shimmering keyboards. Fabulous. A very worthy follow- up to their 2021 debut album – in fact whilst that was a solid record, this new one really shows how Plizzken have developed into a force to be reckoned with. Tom Chapman

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