Shook Ones – Body Feel LP/ CD (Revelation)

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Shook Ones were originally active some 10-12 years ago and although I didn\’t pick up all their releases, I still have a few pieces from their back-catalogue in my collection, so it was a pleasant surprise to get this review copy of a brand new album land in my in-box. Shook Ones came along with a whole new wave of old school-sounding hardcore bands like Go It Alone, Verse, Allegiance and so on, but similar to The Movielife a few years previously, these guys took the more melodic approach that brought to mind Lifetime mixed with the passion of bands such as Jawbreaker or Hot Water Music. Effectively this means they took what was quite a formulaic hardcore sound, but brought in a bunch of punkier influences that set them apart from the crowd. Fast forward ten years and how does a modern-day Shook Ones sound? Well funnily enough, not a lot different. Their take on the hardcore-punk sound is one that is untainted by trends but also one that ages gracefully, keeping the sound fresh and vibrant. This new album contains eleven snappy melodic songs that combine a melancholic sound with an upbeat delivery. As the dying rays of the warmer months fade, this album is my Indian Summer, the last touches of warmth designed to put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart. Tom Chapman

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