Sharp Shock – Unlearn Everything (Heart & Skull Records)

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HS001 SHARP SHOCK Unlearn Everything cover

Punk rock has always been and will always be an immediate monster.  Bands should hit you like an out of control rollercoaster filled with a menagerie of howling, angry beasts ready to rip you to shreds  every time you listen to them. And whenever you drop the needle on a record, the glorious cacophony that emanates from the speakers should damn near knock you off your feet, stomp all over you, fill every fibre of your being with joy and make you want to sing until your guts nearly burst and dance until you think you’re about to suffer, and drop dead from, an embolism.  That’s what it should do, but in this increasingly complicated modern age bands that actually have the power and songs to do that to their audience are – I’m afraid to say – few and far between. Fear not though ladies and gentlemen, for Sharp Shock are here to change that, or rather play their own small, but vital role in altering the stagnant status quo  with ten blasts of melodic, relentlessly energetic punk rock. Unlearn Everything, their debut album possesses the same fury, vitriol and intensity as the Stiff Little Fingers finest moment, Inflammable Material, and fuses it with the pop sensibilities of The Only Ones and Face to Face and the effortless charm of The Smiths and I just can’t stop listening to the insanely bloody catchy thing.  Sharp Shock are everything that punk rock should be and a whole lot more…  Tim Cundle


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