Scumbag Millionaire – Burn Baby Burn (Suburban Records)

I’ve been saying it for 20 odd years, but I’d love to live in Sweden. Like, REALLY love to live in Sweden. It’s the bands, man. Maybe Swedes will tell me it’s an urban myth that killer rock ‘n’ roll bands are created at free will, but fuck it – let’s go!

The video for the second single off Scumbag Millionaire’s forthcoming debut has just premiered and it further cements my emigration case. Things are less Disco Inferno and more Death Before Disco as the sleaze buckets invite you to sludge it out with Burn Baby Burn. Sure, there’s forever gonna be instant comparisons to fellow countrymen The Hellacopters, as well as the better parts of Backyard Babies, but Scumbag Millionaire have their own rock ‘n’ roll furrow in which to bury their disregarded denim and empty cans of Pistonhead lager.

Burn Baby Baby is as hypnotic as it is sleazy and it’s time to rub your greasy palms like Sid James on a campsite full of Barbara Windsors. The Speed album is nigh, brothers and sisters. Now, did I ever tell you that I want to move to Sweden? Ginge Knievil

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