Ill Fate – From Her Lips to Jean-Claude’s Ears (The Disgrace) (Self Released)

I was a late comer to Against Me! Like, major label late with New Wave in 2007. My first glimpse of From Her Lips to God’s Ears (The Energizer) was courtesy of their Americans Abroad!!! live album. There, the Gainesville punks raged about Condolezza Rice, the former United States Secretary of State. Here, the mantle is picked up in Wales by Ill Fate with the From Her Lips to Jean-Claude’s Ears (The Disgrace) single; complete with spewing Theresa May artwork.

The release shows contrast between the band’s Fat Wreck Chords musical influences and lyrical despair at the current state of UK politics. With the former, Ill Fate are happy to quote Fat Mike on the press sheet. With the latter, Rhys Harris spits “ripping the heart out of the National Health Service.” By the band’s own admission, it’s not quite a cover and not quite an original.

Ill Fate are a band that have more than found their feet. Taking in shows with The Murderburgers, Pizzatramp and more, they’ve oiled their six-legged machine this year and have started to earn their stripes on the toilet circuit. An album is scheduled for release later this year. Keep your ears to the ground. Ginge Knievil

 Check out Ill Fate here

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