Rig Time! – War (Innerstrength Records)

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Imagine if you could transform all of the raw hate, anger, loathing and bile that the fuels society, and each and every single one of us drones that ensure its continued survival, into a weapon forged from sound whose sole purpose is to cut the strings that the puppeteers in control use to make the masses dance to their tune. Can you hear it in the centre of your mind? That sound, the one you’re focussing on right now, that’s the hypnotic, furious and strangely alluring noise made by Rig Time!, an everything cranked way past safety levels fusion of the Melvins, Amebix and Neurosis whose singular, unrelenting and brutal vision carves through all of the everyday bullshit and lets you bask in a self-sustaining field of unremittingly heavy power. And after submitting to, and embracing, War, there are no strings on me…  Tim Cundle


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