All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal (Southern Lord)

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Repent your sins, confess your misdemeanours to those you’ve transgressed against and make your peace with whatever deities or powers you believe in, because the apocalypse is nigh brothers and sisters and its arrival is heralded, and has been announced, by the Five Horsemen of dark Hardcore, All Pigs Must Die and their tertiary gospel, Hostage Animal.  Revelling in savagery and bereft of compromise, All Pigs Must Die bridge the chasm between Neurosis and Brutal Truth and on Hostage Animal they’ve pushed the boundaries of brutality to breaking point and in doing so have crafted a monstrous juggernaut of an album that punishes and rewards it’s audience in equal measure. The end is near, so sit back, relax and let Hostage Animal guide you to your doom… Tim Cundle

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