Rhys Marsh – Sentiment


Rhys Marsh – Sentiment (Autumnsongs)
To understand where Rhys Marsh is coming from, he is; voice, guitar, piano, mellotron, pedal steel, organ, bass, drums, orchestrations. A one man musical marvel! This even gets enhanced when playing the songs of \’Sentiment\’. Every so often these one­ man projects should have stayed in the bedrooms they were conceived in, but I am glad Marsh has the guts to open his progressive view of rock to us. In between tranquil melodies and demanding rhythms you never quite know if you should sit back and relax or if you are better off opening all senses and letting the strange prog twists fiddle with your emotions. \’Sentiment\’ takes you back to the early beginning of King Crimson, adds some Porcupine Tree and could easily link in with what Katatonia does these days. All mathematical twists of sheer genius have a psychedelic touch to them, which makes it also quite accessible to anyone who really likes great music. Martijn Welzen

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