Revival – Stephen King


Revival – Stephen King (Hodder)

Do we really want to know what’s on the other side?

Revival is the latest in a long line of best-sellers from Stephen King. After his last novel Mr. Mercedes, a straight thriller, with Revival we see a magnificent return to horror fiction from a master of the genre. Jamie Morton is a young boy growing up in a small Maine town the first time he meets Pastor Charlie Jacobs, and as the novel progresses, their lives intersect twice more with devastating results. The two men’s lives follow wildly different paths for the most part, but they are inexorably linked – and their final meeting brings matters to a stunning conclusion.
Revival is not just a horror novel; it’s a tale beautifully told of growing up and falling in love, of losing loved ones and of moving on. It’s also a graphic depiction of the effects of addiction, and the lengths it’s possible to go to in order to restore a lost love.
Influenced by a number of genre classics that will be apparent to anyone reading this novel that loves horror fiction, with Revival King has written a masterful tale that draws on the traditions of authors such as Nathanial Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley. Marie O’Regan

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