Resurrection Kings – Resurrection Kings (Frontiers)

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Craig Goldy’s guitar contributions will lend a lot to fans of 80s rock/metal checking this band out. Alongside the talents of vocalist Chas West, and Dokken / Lynch Mob / Quiet Riot bassist Sean McNabb it could seem things couldn’t get any tighter. Well throw the final piece of the jigsaw down and quality will come as no surprise when Vinny Appice steps up to the drum stool. Think ‘1987’ era Whitesnake, lashings of Goldy’s trademark Dio-esque guitar reverberations and Rainbow melodies bolstered with Zeppelin infused rhythms… well you kind of have an unbeatable cocktail here. Eleven songs that lavish in the realms of all things classic will have older rockers reminiscing the times of the past, whilst graciously lapping up the new tunes this quartet has to offer. Sure there is going to be comparisons, sure there is not a massive amount of original ideas on this album, but what is also a sure fact is that the entirety of this release is executed to a darn fine standard. Always being a huge Dio fan since the inception of early days, and constantly recognising the brilliance of Whitesnake, whatever the line up, Resurrection Kings rekindled some old flames Mark Freebase

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