Ravagers – Drowning in Blood (Spaghetty Town Records / Gods Candy Records / No Front Teeth Records)

It’s been three years since Ravagers’ Natural Instinct release, and if you thought the trash had been taken out in 2018 then you’d be very much mistaken. The empty supermarket own brand beer cans, the two week old fast food wrappers, the overfilled ashtrays, and the advisable disposable briefs haven’t even made it to the kitchen bin. They’re still festering with flies in Baltimore, but would we have it any other way? Would we fuck!

Hagen (RMBLR) is dripping in leather sweat and vitriol on Drowning in Blood as he channels every inch of Stiv Bators right down to the sneer and vocal phrasing. It’s a big, nasty dollop of punk as Biters’ Matt Gabs wrestles his six string like a man who’s playing guitar for the very last time. All that’s missing is some one finger Stooges-esque piano hits for maximum effect.

Flip the greasy wax over and you’re greeted menacingly with Suzi (Has an Uzi). The aural stench lies somewhere between a classic Turbonegro chord sequence and a snot filled Black Halos anthem. In short, dirty rock ‘n’ roll at its grimy best. Now, please tell me there’s an album to follow as this 7” is a sleazy carrot dangler and a half. Ginge Knievil

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