Amyl and the Sniffers – Big Attraction & Giddy Up (Damaged Goods / Homeless)

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I once ended up shitting myself after shoving too many bottles of poppers up my nose, but that’s a story for another time. However, if you want to aurally shit yourself, then turning punk rockers Amyl and the Sniffers all the way up to eleven comes highly advisable. Complete with mullets, this Aussie ensemble are currently making live waves on these UK shores as I type. From those in the know, there’s more than a little buzz happening and plaudits are being lauded at free will.

This 12” vinyl tags the Sniffers’ 2016 debut Giddy Up with 2nd EP Big Attraction from last year in one rough around the edges package for Damaged Goods. Side note: the first release I bought on this label was the Manic Street Preachers’ New Art Riot EP some 25+ years ago. That doesn’t make me cool though, just old! And back to the modern day, for every thrill seeker getting on board Amyl’s fun bus, there’ll probably be a musically uneducated YouTube bellend saying, “oh, another female fronted feminist band.” Bollocks! Amy Taylor has enough self-depreciation in her lyrical armoury to shoot down any such wanky comment with her Australian twang; just see I’m Not A Loser for rugged confirmation.

To sum it up, this is part ‘77 punk with splashes of X-Ray Spex mixed with 1960s garage rock and some Oz pub rock thrown in for good measure. Blowjobs, Pleasure Forever and Stole My Push Bike don’t stretch beyond the 1 minute 30 second mark, and it’s a beautiful thing considering these are not hardcore punk tunes. Some may draw comparisons to their fellow natives The Chats and their internet video smash Smoko, and that’s just fine. Punk rock hasn’t got to be confined to anger; it can be fun and an antidote to the rigours of modern life. I’m off to grow a ginger mullet like their bass player. Whilst the future looks legally high, current follicle time is running out. SNIFF, SNIFF. Ginge Knievil

Check out Amyl and the Sniffers here

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